Client Feature: Peter Joynt

Jun 23, 2019
Ashley Lawrie

Author: Riley Pearce
Social Media Director
Personal Trainer – Byward Market

Our client feature stories have been inspiring clients and our blog audience all year and our June feature story is sure to continue this trend. To kick off the summer we have Kanata client, Peter Joynt. As with so many of our success stories, Peter realized that he needed to make a change in his life.

With kids running around, a full-time job, and exciting side-projects to juggle, Peter wanted to make sure he was attending to his health. He came to us with a bad back and no workout routine. Now he feels stronger than ever, and is looking ahead to the release of his new album.

We’re sure this story of a stutterer – turned rap artist – turned motivational speaker will inspire you to break down barriers and chase your goals. Read on to be inspired.

First start by introducing yourself. Where you’re from, what you do for fun, family. Just a few fun facts to help people get to know you.

I’m Peter Joynt – I’m a rapper, stutterer, motivational speaker, skateboard collector and father of two from Ottawa. I work for an IT company in Kanata (Innovapost) too. (NOTE: You can read his full bio at – https://www.thejoynt.ca/about)

When did you first decide to join Free Form Fitness?

I joined Free Form in August 2018 – almost a year ago now. I needed to get back into shape and help overcome a back injury I’d sustained after years of neglect and lots of picking up things awkwardly…like my children.

What was your initial goal when you joined?

I wanted to strengthen my core and help my back feel better. Since then, I’ve done that – and then some. I’m in the best shape of my life!

“I’m in the best shape of my life!”

Has your goal changed since you started?

I’m well past my goal of improving my core strength and stability. Because of this, my back doesn’t hurt anymore and I’m the strongest I’ve ever been.

What type of adversity have you faced in the time you’ve been with Free Form?

The toughest thing for me is finding the time to work out. Life is busy – with a full-time job, kids, and extra curriculars. But there’s a Free Form right around the corner from my work in Kanata, and the trainers have made it easy by accommodating my schedule.

Have you experienced success at Free Form Fitness? Tell us how you got there.

Big time. I feel strong and fit. Do you know how to sew? Cause I’m RIPPED!

How else do you live a healthy lifestyle?

On top of keeping fit in the gym, walking lots, and riding a bike when I can, I eat well. I make sure I eat balanced meals with lots of fruits and vegetables. I have a couple “bad” meals a week, but the rest is pretty healthy.

What is your best piece of advice for someone new joining Free Form?

Stick with it! It’s hard at first – like it is with anything. Getting into the rhythm of teaching your body new things can be a real challenge and test of perseverance, but it’s so worth it once you’re over the hump and you start to see results.

Then the results keep coming and coming.

We hear you are releasing an album/you have recently released a new album. Tell us a little bit about that – how long you have been interested in music; how long this album has been in the works; where did you inspiration come from; where can we find the album?

I’ve been making music for a while now. I released a song in 2011 called Capcity. It landed me on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen, and sparked a lot of media attention. I’ve since worked on projects for organizations like the Ottawa Senators, RogersTV and Ottawa Tourism. My songs played at every Sens home game for 5 years straight.

Through all this I somehow became a motivational speaker, getting invited to speak at schools about my experiences as a stutterer and rapper. I have since spoken at over 150 schools. At one of those schools, base in 2018, I met Pei Pilgrim – a then 13-year singe

Inspired by my presentation, Pei reached out to get some music advice. It took only a quick sampling of her songs to prompt me to suggest we collaborate on a song. The outcome of that conversation is our first single, Loving This Feeling. And thus our band – Pei & The Joynt was born.
Check out our new EP – now out on all platforms! (RELEASE DATE: June 21 – all these links will be live June 21st)

Loving This Feeling Music Video
Pei & The Joynt – How They Met
Album art hyperlinked!

If you would like to see more pictures of Peter giving presentations, or performing at shows you can find them at https://www.thejoynt.ca/pictures.

In 2011 Peter released his song Capcity and became a local sensation. In 2018 Peter decided he didn’t want to live with back pain and is now ripped. If you have goals all it takes is making that decision and taking that first step.
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