What a difference a few months can make in your fitness

Apr 24, 2014


When we first met Sarah, her overall quality of life was suffering from a grueling red-eye schedule, poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

“I was getting so run down I just couldn’t deal with obstacles day to day,” she said at the time.

What a difference a few months, and a consistent effort, can make.

“I find I have more energy in the morning,” she said. “I am sleeping more soundly at night. I feel awesome and I look great, I’ve never received this many compliments about the way I look.”
The improvements in her fitness and energy levels are showing on camera, as she interviews and engages with athletes and other faces around Ottawa, making for more dynamic and energetic television segments. And while how she looked was of less importance than how she felt, Sarah has also trimmed inches from her waist and hips.

Bringing her nutritional habits to heel remains a challenge, but she is now much more conscious about her food choices and doing a lot more home cooking.

She is quick to credit the FFF team, and the self-discipline that comes of knowing there is someone expecting you to show up at the gym for that next appointment. Of course, her greatest motivation is how she feels, and the positive comments from other people.

“There are still days when I don’t feel like going to the gym — you have good days and you have bad days,” she said. “But it’s just 30 minutes. No matter how tough my day has been leading up to that session, we are always laughing by the end. I always feel better afterwards.”

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