That’s one of the differences at Free Form Fitness. People aren’t all the same.

Aug 23, 2017
Ashley Lawrie


Moving to a new city can be a jolt to your system. Your surroundings change, your diet may change, your exercise routine may change and you might not notice the toll that it has on your body for a few years. That was the case for Phoebe, a 23-year-old graduate originally from Niagara.

She moved to Ottawa to do an undergraduate degree in International Development in 2012. She enjoyed studying and living the student lifestyle but missed the structure of high school athletics like swimming.

“I wanted to go to the gym but I didn’t feel comfortable or have the confidence to go the university gym. My parents suggested going to see a personal trainer but I wasn’t ready to do that either. I asked around and one of my friends had gone to Free Form Fitness–they couldn’t say enough good things about the training. It was then that I realised that I needed to do this for myself.”

Phoebe joined in February of 2016 taking advantage of the 8 introductory sessions for $96. She met with Luzia and Jon and they put together a plan for Phoebe that met her needs focusing on the three pillars of FFF — nutrition, accountability and fitness.

“I noticed a difference in the first month. I started feeling really good and I felt in tune with my body, it’s kind of hard to explain, but I felt really balanced and confident.”

Phoebe would go in for 2 sessions a week at our Byward Market location and then go to the gym on her own with her new found confidence.

“We put together a holistic plan that included my sessions, workouts on my own and meal plans.”

After about 6 months Phoebe wasn’t feeling as good as she had in the past and talked to Luzia about it.

“I was feeling blah for some reason and I wasn’t sure, I asked Luzia about it and we changed my meal plan and it made a big difference, and that’s the advantage of having a trainer, they listen to you and they ask questions and it makes it easier to ask them for help.”

That’s one of the differences at Free Form Fitness. People aren’t all the same and our bodies change and our trainers make adjustments accordingly. There isn’t a one-size fits all program or a cookie-cutter approach to fitness.

Now Phoebe is off on her next academic adventure, she’s heading to Spain to do a Master’s in Global Educational Policy.

“I don’t know if I would have had the confidence to move to another country on my own if it wasn’t for my time at FFF. Over the last year I’ve learnt so much about fitness, nutrition and my body that I know I can take this experience with me to Spain and keep a routine going. I’m not going to have any issues going into a new gym and doing a workout or going to a market and getting the right foods.”

It has been great having Phoebe as part of our FFF family and we wish her all the best in her next adventure.

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