Partners in life and in the gym

Aug 12, 2015
Ashley Ann Lawrie

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Manpreet Brar knew he had to make a change in his life when he joined an indoor soccer league and found himself outmatched by guys twice his age.

“My cardio was so bad,” he said. “These guys were awesome and that inspired me.”

His partner, Megha Molhotra, was just tired of being tired.

“I had a lot of health issues, and we always found ourselves getting sick,” she said.

They were both just past 30 and already suffering the effects of working long days at a desk, eating whatever was convenient with little thought to its nutritional value, and spending evenings planted in front of the TV.

He works as software developer and analyst. She leads an IT team. Growing up in India, the focus was always on studying hard for a great career, but little emphasis was placed on health and nutrition.

In Ottawa, they always had a membership with one of the big fitness chains, to take advantage of the perks offered by their employers.

“We always had the membership … and then we would end up attending only one or two classes, but we just weren’t able to commit and fit it into our lives,” Manpreet said.

“We had too many excuses, we were always too tired,” Megha added.

They needed professional help, or, as Manpreet put it, “someone to hold a stick over our heads.”

First, they checked out options for personal training with their chain fitness membership, but the time commitment of an hour per session was just too much for their schedules.

They found their way to Free Form Fitness and took advantage of a special promotion – eight sessions for only $96. Figuring they had nothing to lose, they gave it a try.

In three short months, they’ve both been blown away with the progress they have made through the combination of training sessions only 30 minutes long and tailored to their individual goals, and a gradual transition to better nutrition under the expert guidance of the FFF team. They look better, feel better and perform better in all facets of their lives.


“I could never run on a treadmill before,” Megha said. “Now I can for 10 minutes without even thinking about it. In three months I have already lost the weight I wanted to lose and I see the increase in my strength. If I didn’t see that difference, I would have lost interest in it.”

It took only a couple of weeks for Manpreet to get past the need for that “stick” over his head, and look forward to his sessions in the gym.

“I’m always excited to come in and work with another colleague who is showing me the ropes,” he said. “That’s how I see it. I have full confidence in my trainer. He’s very in tune with the old injuries and weaknesses that I have.”

Having achieved so much in such a short period of time, the couple is determined to make their new lease on life and health a long-term habit, with the continued support and counsel of their trainers.


It’s a lifestyle change that’s extended into all aspects of their lives, but the greatest impact has been on their eating and grocery buying habits. While they have different goals in the gym and work with different trainers, it’s a team effort at home to keep each other on track.

In fact, when their parents recently visited from India for three weeks, the couple paid for them to also take advantage of FFF’s special promotion.

“They loved it,” Megha said. “They see the change in us and it’s very encouraging.”

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