Never been done in the Personal Training World

Oct 31, 2014

We shared lots of big news last night – did you miss it?

First, a big Thank You from all of us at FFF including a special thank you to our staff for being so supportive through all the different changes in the evolution of our business. Thank you to all of you for caring as much as I do, representing our purpose and our brand so well.

To everyone who was kind enough to attend our client appreciation event last night at the Urban Element. We couldn’t have done it without you. Your success is the key to our success. We also want to thank you for actually caring about your health like so little people do or we would not exist.

In a world where big box giants are becoming the norm in our society, YOU ALL choose to support the little guys who willing to do more for you. So thank you for that.

When I became president of Free Form Fitness, I had to set a vision for where FFF is going. This may sound easy but it wasn’t. It took a lot of soul searching. It consisted of a lot of meetings with different experts as well as a lot of discussions with Jean-Luc, Chelsea, trainers, managers and of course, our wonderful clients.

The result was that what makes FFF special is that we care more about providing the greatest experience than anyone and we can’t change that.

What has made FFF succeed to this point has been our network here in Ottawa from the ground up, one referral at a time. We’ve also helped raise tons on money in local charities and we could not have done that without you guys.

We weighed all the options:

What I realized was that franchising diluted our purpose of being the most caring personal trainers out there. That control over quality, flexibility and creativity would be diluted handing it off to multiple owners.

Convenience is important to people therefore another location makes sense to a market that we currently don’t exist in. Going out of town, doesn’t help our community by providing jobs or continuing to support local causes.

Most of all I feared that it would interfere with our Ottawa focus. You guys.

With that being said; here is my vision.

That instead of going wide and trying to be the biggest we are going to focus on going deep. Becoming our own small giant. Attracting the best people. Adding services that fit into helping our clients succeed.

Many of these are already underway. From meal preparation partnerships, to rehabilitation experts, to partnering up with a local farm and to a software being developed to help gamify your health and add even more accountability.

My hope is that you continue to support us the way you have and we promise to continuously work on always improving.

With that being said; the new location serves the Glebe which gives us access to not only another great neighborhood but anyone living in the south end of Ottawa.

To help launch this new location we are offering a one-time promotion that’s never been done in the Personal Training world. We are hoping people decide to give us a try instead buying a gym membership that we know does nothing for the majority.

We are offering any one that you refer 8 sessions for $96.00 to give us a try regardless of if they can continue after that. We don’t make anything off of this but we don’t care because it’s a chance for us to get the word out about what personal training at Free Form can do.

All you have to do is send an email to your friends and cc me or any of the managers.

Thank you so much again. We love you.

Ashley-Ann Lawrie

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8 sessions for $96
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