How I Knew George St-Pierre Was Going to be a Winner

Jul 16, 2009


I was fortunate enough to get to know George personally when I shared a hotel room with him in California at the World Abu Dhabi Championships were one of my athletes was competing.
My first realisation: It was the day before the match and everyone was having lunch at a restaurant. There was a buffet filled with all sorts of tasty food like pizza, pasta and breads. I was in the line up before George and all I notice is that he is watching what he eats and how much he eats. He was having a small portion of brown rice, chicken and re- hydrating slowly. After talking to him about his routine I was surprised at his knowledge of nutrition and how he knew the importance of eating right for performance. 

Now, this may not mean much to you but If you know people in the fighting world, you will know that most fighters don’t usually put a high importance on nutrition. Their mindset is usually to burn off the food they eat with exercise. I knew George had an advantage over everyone at that point, he was smart.

My second realisation: After the competition we were at a restaurant and I thought we should celebrate so I ordered drinks. We were drinking and having a good time and after two drinks, George looks over at me and asks “was there alcohol in this?” I said yes and he tells me “I don’t drink alcohol, only once a year at St-Jean Baptist day”. I thought this was pretty funny but at the same time I had so much respect for him for having the discipline to follow through on his objective of being champion in the UFC.

I think that if you’re able to decipher what matters from what is useless combined with the discipline to follow through on your decisions you can achieve pretty much anything you want.  It’s no wonder to me that George St-Pierre is now the UFC Champion and even considered pound for pound the best fighter in the world right now. I just hope he keeps it up!

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