Mar 10, 2014

Q: I’m not sure if I’m gluten intolerant but when I eat bread and baked goods I definitely don’t feel good. What should I do? 

A: 50% of the North American population is intolerant. You should probably go get tested (stool test or gene test) or just assume you are since all the foods that contain gluten are not going to be good for you anyways.

Q: Sometimes I get dizzy when I exercise, I’m not sure what is causing that.

A: Lack of sleep and too much stress is usually the culprit. When the adrenal glads are stressed they run out of hormones like a car runs out of gas. Those hormones are cortisol, pregnenolone, DHEA and testosterones and their job is to keep the heart beating and your blood pressure normal. When stress is high blodd pressure regulation is affected and dizzyness will happen. Take care of yourself.

Q: I was told I might have to get on statin drugs soon to prevent atherosclerosis, is there anything natural I should be taking on top of exercising and eating right?

A: Absolutely, there are powerful things you can start taking everyday. Start taking curcumin, pomegranate extract, garlic extract, fish oil, olive oil, vitamin E (high in gamma E tocopherol, tecotrieonol) and vitamin c. Keep exercising and eating right to keep your body fat down. Get re tested in a couple months and you can send me a thank you email.   

Q: What’s the one simple action everyone should be doing?

A: Eating real food

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