Getting a grip on food and fitness

Apr 10, 2014


In fact, a recent study from the University of Montreal suggests that physical exercise during pregnancy has other benefits. The babies of 10 women who did as little as 20 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week during pregnancy showed more advanced brain activity at eight to 12 days old than the babies of eight women who didn’t exercise during pregnancy.

Of course, any routine of exercise during pregnancy should be undertaken with proper supervision. Lyndsay’s obstetrician endorsed the idea and her personal trainer at Free Form Fitness in wellington village, Ottawa, Vania Hau, made sure she didn’t over do it.

“Vania has been amazing,” said Lyndsay. “She is so knowledgeable and encouraging. There are so many days where I am surprised by how many reps I’m able to pull out because she is so motivating.”

A lifetime of struggle

Before coming to Free Form Fitness, Lyndsay struggled with her weight and nutrition habits. She was never very active in her teens. At 23 years old and 209 pounds, she decided to take action by joining a weight loss program. But while she was able to wrestle her weight down to 168 pounds over two years, the points-based system of the program still did not encourage healthy eating, or include an exercise component.

“After the baby, it was very hard to get the weight off,” she said.

She hit the gym four or five times a week and watched her food intake, but a poor diet worked against her.

It was her husband, a family physician, who told her that many of his patients had achieved better results with a personal trainer. A quick Google search led her to Free Form Fitness, where the emphasis is on providing each client with a customized program of exercise and nutrition.

“From that point, the weight came off like no tomorrow,” Lyndsay said. “It was the weight training, and the meal plan that cut back on the carbs, that really helped.”

When we spoke with Lyndsay, she was only a few weeks back into her routine at Free Form Fitness with Vania after taking a two-month break for the birth of her second child. She hasn’t just trimmed inches from her waist, she has achieved a long-term lifestyle change for herself and her family.

“I grew up in a household where you ate meat and potatoes, every Friday was pizza or fast food,” she said. “This is definitely not the life I want for my kids. I have been struggling with my weight my entire life and I finally feel that I have a grip on it.”


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