Seminar: 20 ways you can heal yourself for free

Mar 11, 2014

Hi, everyone.

As a health and fitness expert, I’ve always been fascinated with healing methods. In the last decade as a personal trainer it seemed that every time I would research anything regarding healing methods whether it be; treatments on removing metals from the blood to vitamin and mineral IV treatments the only person in Ottawa using these methods was Dr. Nahas. He’s always been way ahead of the curve and I knew that one day I would have him speak to my team of personal trainers. If you’re a personal trainer or strength coach that values expanding your knowledge beyond sets and reps, join us.

Presented by: Dr. Richard Nahas, MD

What will you learn:

Dr. Nahas will be sharing simple, practical changes personal trainers can advise their clients to make to lose weight, feel better and live longer.  These are all chosen based on their low cost and simplicity, but they are all based on real science, and can have a huge impact in several aspects of overall health.  While not everyone is on a tight budget, it is always great to be able to recommend something that doesn’t take much time, effort or money to implement. This talk will be filled with useful solutions, and the delivery of the message will  broaden your horizons as a wellness expert.

When: Friday, March 28th

Time: 2-3pm

Where: Free Form Fitness Wellington Village- 1198 Wellington Street West, Ottawa, Ontario  K1Y 2Z8

Cost: $100.  (Free for FFF personal trainers). Only 5 spots left

Requirements: Must be a certified personal trainer or have a college or university degree in a related field.

About: Dr. Richard Nahas, MD founded The Seekers Centre in 2006. After a self-directed sabbatical traveling across thirty countries to study healing with dozens of alternative and traditional healers from around the world, Dr. Nahas decided to bring the best of global integrative healing home to Ottawa.The Seekers Centre for Integrative Medicine offers patients with chronic pain and illnesses an exceptional healing experience and a return to a better quality of life through personalized, intensive treatment programs that combine the best therapies from conventional health care and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). See video.

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