She’s down two sizes, and well on her way to three

Mar 06, 2015
Ashley Lawrie

Personal training client

Danielle Beauregard is no stranger to physical work. She runs a hobby farm and used to compete in horse events such as show jumping and dressage. Two years ago, after a 14-year career in IT security with the federal government, she decided to become a full-time entrepreneur with her growing business boarding and training dogs.

(If you don’t think that requires you to be physically fit, try wrestling with a rambunctious Great Dane puppy.)

But as she headed into her mid-40s, Danielle began to notice changes. Bringing in the hay would leave her sore and wiped for days. Despite the fact that she thought she was eating well, four or five pounds would inevitably add to her small frame one year to the next.

“There were things I used to do I couldn’t anymore and I just couldn’t accept that,” she said. “I didn’t want to be one of those people who by 50 never gets off the couch. If I didn’t take care of these things now, I knew in a couple of years I would regret it.”

Danielle never cared for going to the gym, but decided to give personal training a try.

At FFF, she found exactly what she needed – the combination of expert coaching, nutritional counselling and accountability to keep her motivated and on track.

That was June of last year. Danielle has already achieved her first goal, which was to lose 20 pounds and just look and feel better. She doesn’t even bother with a scale anymore. Instead, she charts progress by how her clothes fit. She’s down two sizes, and well on her way to three. Her body fat percentage has dropped from 32 to 23, and her goal is a lean and athletic 19-20.

Her FFF experience has so far taught her that “there’s a difference between being ‘farm strong’ as I call it, and being truly fit and working toward a specific health and fitness goal … and every time you reach one goal you have to set a new one, to stay motivated.”

Danielle now understands why it’s a combination of cardio and weight training, rather than just cardio alone, that is necessary to reach her goals.

Most surprising of all, she learned that her nutrition wasn’t as good as she had thought and she had to eat more food.

“I thought I was eating well because I wasn’t eating a lot of junk food, but it turned out I wasn’t eating well at all,” she said.

The key has been to eat the right combination of protein, carbs and fats throughout the day.

“I didn’t think I could lose weight eating all this food,” she said. “But then I learned about what I needed to eat and why to achieve my goals.”

Thanks to the expertise of the FFF team, she has been able to progress through her training and build the strength and endurance to do exercises she never thought possible. This in spite of the fact that 14 years ago, she broke her collarbone in two and the fracture never healed.

Danielle has even convinced her sedentary parents to get active at FFF’s Dalhousie location.

“There is no shortcut,” she said. “You have to sweat, you have to lift weights and do cardio. But you have to have to work up to it. Instead of saying, ‘I can’t see myself doing that,’ you have to change your mindset and say, ‘I want to work toward doing that.’”

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