Olympic lifts

Jan 29, 2009

I realise that most people don't do Olympic lifts and that's why I wanted to shine light on them.

Olympic lifts are the best exercises for performance, so if you play a sport or simply want to get in overall better shape you might be tempted to try it. Olympic lifts allow you to work intermuscle coordination, balance, functional flexibility and power all at once. They also create a large hormonal response when you're using a lot of weight making it great for gaining muscle.

If your in a sport that involves power, Olympic lifts are the king of all lifts. When doing my leg training internship I had the opportunity to learn Olympic lifts with one of Canada's greatest and when in class the coach said that an elite Olympic weight lifter can out sprint an elite sprinter in the first 40m.

But here's the problem,

Problem #1:it is riskier and more likely that you will hurt yourself because it requires precision of technique and good muscle balance. Another strength coach once told me it takes 3000 repetitions at 90% of your maximum to master this technique.

Problem #2: Most gym's don't allow it because it's loud when it falls. And even if you accomplished a good lift, it seems like it's out of control to average person.

But here are some rules if you want to get started.

  • Learn the technique with a broom stick
  • Have a good foundation of lifting weights first (a good front squat, overhead squat and shoulder press)
  • Get a coach to watch over you or film yourself to see what your doing wrong

Sometimes when I feel I'm getting strong, I look at this video and it brings me back to reality. Have a look at how flawless his technique is and the speed and explosiveness of the bar for the amount of weight he is lifting.

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