A New Years Resolution 3 years ago turned into a lifestyle change

Nov 09, 2017
Ashley Ann Lawrie

“It sounds silly now but I wanted to look good in a bikini.” Is how Erin Cordeiro, a 37-year-old breast surgeon, replied when asked why she joined Free Form Fitness.

“My husband and I were going to the Bahamas for our 10 year anniversary and I saw the 8 sessions for $96 and I thought it would be a place good to start. After the fifth session I could really feel a difference.”

Since that New Year’s Resolution 3 years ago, Erin’s lifestyle has completely changed.

“I was never very athletic and now I’ve completed 4 triathlons and a 10k.”

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Working with a trainer gave her the confidence to push herself physically.

“No other gym membership or exercise gimmick ever stuck before. I would always find an excuse to bail; you can always tell yourself that life is too busy. But, having the scheduled sessions really helped me show up; now if I bailed I was disappointing more than myself, I was disappointing my trainers”.

She also changed her diet.

“I’m a vegetarian and people assume vegetarians eat only healthy foods but there are a lot of unhealthy meat free foods.” Now Erin’s diet includes more fruit, veg and seeds. “I don’t really crave unhealthy food anymore.”

It’s interesting to see the impact of working with a trainer that ignited a more healthy and active lifestyle in Erin. She does a weekly session with Vania or Cat the Wellington Village location on Friday mornings.

“We work mostly on lower body and core for running and cycling and then a lot of shoulders for swimming.”

On her own Erin swims twice a week, cycles 3 times and runs 3 times. It sounds like a lot for a mother of 4 and 7-year-old boys, but training has become a form of stress relief.

Next year she plans on completing her first Olympic triathlon in Montreal which includes a 1500m swim, 40k bike and 10k run.

“I’m also planning on doing a half marathon next year. Probably Ottawa Race Weekend. I have a 5 year plan mapped out to complete an Ironman.”

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