Mindset Is Everything

Jan 13, 2016
Ashley Lawrie

ClothingReady to reach your full health potential?

We stumble when trying to reach our goals. This is normal. Mindset is everything. We need to be reminded of our weaknesses and empower our strengths. It’s the only thing holding you back from reaching your full health potential.

There are 7 different emotions you should be able to express. Suppressing these lifestyle habits and emotions becomes damaging to the body and is stressful. Stress increases cortisol and leads to disease.

You Matter – Awareness: Try to be aware of your emotions instead of suppressing them. What signs tell you that you are stressed? Is the way you cope with things something from the past? Put yourself first. Your health depends on it.

Be You – Acceptance: Instead of being a blind optimistic accept the reality as it is. Accept the things you can and can’t change. Do you pretend that everything is always perfect?

UNLEASH THE FURY – Anger: Suppressing anger is not good for you. Expressing anger (in a healthy way) is. Healthy anger is part of finding out where your boundaries are. Say no to things you don’t want to do. Do you ever get upset if someone is pushing you beyond your boundaries?

Trust Your Gut – Assertiveness: Live by your values, be you. Do you ever do things that you feel are not right to who you are? Do what you feel is right in your heart.

Workout Naked – Attachment: Metaphorically. Humans are wired for attachment with others. Don’t be scared to ask for help. Are you afraid to ask for help?

We – Affirmation: Find a channel in order to express yourself and be heard. Connect with everything around you. Do you believe in things strongly but can’t seem to voice it?

Be Free – Autonomy: Set your own boundaries. What you want and what you don’t want. Do you feel like your whole life is controlled? Take control of your own life.

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