Healthy Balance takes healthy meal prep off your plate

Apr 02, 2015
Ashley Ann Lawrie

Alana Thomson

Look past all the fad diets and bogus weight-loss advertising on TV and in your inbox and there is one inescapable truth. The key to a fit and healthy lifestyle is freshly prepared meals with lots of lean protein, fresh vegetables and healthy fats.

You can’t fake it with magic pills. And those entrees from the frozen food aisle are often just as bad for you as junk food and take out.

But we all lead busy lives. And maybe the rest of the people in your household are not willing to part with pizza and nachos. So how can you find the time to stick with that lean and healthy diet and create savory dishes that tempt your taste buds?

It was a challenge many of Alana Thomson’s clients faced when she was a trainer with Free Form Fitness. A diehard foodie with a background in nutrition, Alana created a blog site through which to share healthy recipes. This led her to cook for clients and decide a meal service business was a better fit for her schedule with two kids than personal training.

FFF co-owners Jean-Luc and Chelsea Boissonneault encouraged her to go for it. Jean-Luc connected her with professional chef and competitive athlete Philip Munk.

Like Alana, Phil is no stranger to what fitness-minded people need on their plates. He is an avid cyclist, runner and swimmer. In fact, he is training right now for the 2015 iron man competition in his native Austria.

The two hit it off as business partners and Healthy Balance Meals was born.

“If you have made that commitment to changing your lifestyle, we can help you achieve success,” Alana said.

Healthy Balance is a custom meal preparation service. Alana and Phil provide clients with a balanced approach to nutrition with custom weekly meal plans, frozen a la cart meals and specialized catering. They meet with clients one on one to discuss their nutritional needs and any dietary restrictions based on medical conditions, or religious or cultural preferences.

For FFF clients, that means she and Phil can sit down and turn that nutrition plan on paper into a fridge or freezer full of tasty dishes. They work to source as much locally produced food as possible and buy from local farmers, as well as provide organic options by client request.

“What we can do is offer our clients a full gamut of custom meals, as part of their training programs, or for elimination diets,” Alana said. “What separates us from others is that we really are custom, we can really tailor our meals.”

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