Free Form Fitness Presents Kin Games 2012

Dec 28, 2011

When I was first asked if Free Form Fitness wanted to present the Kin Games I instantly said yes for two reasons: 1. Because Free Form Fitness loves top performers with heart and thought it would be a great way to show their support for health and fitness students in Ottawa, and 2. Because I got a flashback of the movie Old School and couldn’t help but want to be part of it …you’re my boy blue!

In the Kin Games twenty four top performing students from every major school from around the country join together to compete in different sports to see what school is the real deal. This year, you can count on the University of Ottawa to lead the field.

Want more details?

The Kin Games is a weekend of physical, academic and school spirit challenges. Through
friendly competition and social events it creates opportunities for student networking
across the country. Each school puts together a team of twenty four upper level students
to bring to the games. Each participating school selects their participants based on
academic performance, extracurricular activities and involvement in their faculty in order
to create a competitive team. This creates a unique gathering of the top students from each
postsecondary institution representing future professionals in all aspects of the health and
fitness industry.

The History:

The Kin Games was founded in 2001 and was first hosted by the University of Toronto. The student run conference since then has grown to the largest physical education conference in Canada. The annual event now draws in over 600 student participants, the school community, and many volunteers each year. This year Kin Games will be held in the nation’s capital at The University of Ottawa.

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