Biggest Loser Ottawa (east end)

Nov 13, 2008


A friend of Free Form Fitness, Rob Gardiner owner of Unlimited Fitness in Orleans is having a contest based on the hit show the biggest loser.

The goal of the Biggest Loser Ottawa will be to have a female group of 5 and a male group of 5 bidding against each other to see who in each group can lose the most amount of weight and body fat percentage. There will of course be a winner in each group and unlike the TV series, there will be no eliminations – contestants will be competing with each other until the very end. All contestants will be given a nutrition plan to follow as well as 5 months of training with their own private personal trainer for the entire duration, there will also be 1 on 1 meetings every week and 2 group meetings per month to ensure everyone is succeeding to the best of their abilities.

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