Advertising Your Way To Greatness

Apr 16, 2012

Why does McDonald spend over a billion dollars a year in
advertising even though they know, that you know WHO
they are, WHAT they serve and probably WHERE the closest
one is located to your house and your office?

The reason is that they are advertising a message that slowly
influences our subconscious mind whether we like it or not.
It’s very powerful and has worked for decades to get millions
of people in the door every day to feed their fat cells and
deteriorate their health.

So let me ask you this; If the messages in your surroundings
are so powerful to people’s actions, would it not be wise to use
that to your advantage and make sure that you are getting
positive and supportive messages every day. Like your own
marketing campaign.

Here is a handful of ideas I use;

    • Start your day with 10 minutes of positive reading


    • Hang around people that are uplifting and support
      your goals


    • Choose your hero’s wisely


    • Watch documentaries that support your goals and
      help you stay on track


    • Browse websites and blogs that influence you in a
      positive way


All of these things as Jacque Fresco says “shape your environment”
and will influence your actions. So start your own personal marketing
campaign, your campaign to greatness.


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