Who doesn’t like bacon?

Jan 24, 2009


Bacon tasts amazing doesn't it? you can even buy bacon floss here.

But unfortunatly bacon is loaded with nitrates.

Sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate are two closely related chemicals used for centuries to preserve meat. While nitrate itself is harmless, it is readily converted to nitrite. When nitrite combines with compounds called secondary amines, it forms nitrosamines, extremely powerful cancer-causing chemicals.

The chemical reaction occurs most readily at the high temperatures of frying. Nitrite has long been suspected as being a cause of stomach cancer. Look for nitrite-free processed meats — some of which are frozen, refrigeration reduces the need for nitrites — at some health food and grocery stores. But regardless of the presence of nitrite or nitrosamines, the high-fat, high-sodium content of most processed meats should be enough to discourage you from choosing them even though they taste so good.

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