Nov 25, 2008

How important is it?

It’s everything.

for example; Because I own a personal training centre, networking marketing companies always come and try to sell me on the next miracle health juice. By network marketing I mean a someone in a business where they try to sign you up as a distributor to sell you on the idea that you will make lots of money while you sleep if you simply recommend there products.

Within seconds, you lose trust in that friend that connected you both.

Trust is gained over time and it can be destroyed in seconds.

Trust is also important online. For example for those of you who like reading business related material like myself. Seth Godin has managed to gain my complete trust over the past 2 years because of his honesty. He understands this principals and is rewarded for it by having his books reach best seller.

The point: When reading my blog posts I promise not to try to sell you anything that I would make a profit on without you knowing about it.

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