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  • Leah Carli
  • Leah Carli

Leah Carli

Personal Trainer

My love for fitness and weightlifting started at the age of 16 when I was battling an eating disorder that took more than 3 years of my life. Back then, my perception of beauty was totally unhealthy; I thought being stick-thin was beautiful. After a lot of struggle, my perception changed and I began thinking that strong was beautiful. And from then on, that is what I wanted to be. But to be strong and fuel my workouts, I needed to eat! And this is how fitness pulled me out of an unhealthy a harmful lifestyle. I have been training and educating myself about my new passion ever since, and I am currently enrolled in the Health and Fitness Promotion at Algonquin College. If you need motivation, guidance, and someone to keep you accountable in helping you achieve your goals it will be a pleasure to meet and start setting you up for success.

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