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  • Jade Cameron:
  • Jade Cameron:

Jade Cameron:

Personal Trainer

My name is Jade Cameron, from Toronto Ontario. I love the human mind and body and it’s capability for growth and adaptation. I am passionate for all sports but my drive and current goal is for professional Volleyball. I implement my methods to enhance the mind/body for sport and life. I continually grow as an athlete and person and want to share my knowledge and experience to help those around me, making them the best version of themselves. I am also a graduate from York University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology.

I am a very driven athlete and trainer. Being on the shorter side in the volleyball world, I’ve worked hard to illuminate my strengths and improve my explosiveness and power, and with that comes an intensity that’s unmatched. I’m here to tell you that hard work pays off, as I have over a 40″ vertical and still working to be better, but working smarter and having balance is crucial to reaching your full potential. Im also a trainer that’s smiling and having fun, and aims to enjoy every moment!

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