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  • Andrew McCann
  • Andrew McCann

Andrew McCann

Training and fitness has always been an interest of mine, and it started back when I was 13 and a buddy of mine wanted to make the AAA hockey team, but he needed to increase his physical fitness to do so, he bought the program called P90-X and I didn’t see him all summer long as he was just focused on training, and then we came back to school for our grade 8 year, and I saw what he looked like and that’s when the switch went off, as well as growing up I dealt with bullying and being vulnerable, so all these things just made me want to get bigger and stronger even more so for 5 years I would go in and out of these 3 month sprees of being really committed and then stop, then when I was 18, I decided to join the Almonte Fitness Center to go at it seriously and for the past 4 years I’ve been training to get bigger and stronger because even now I feel vulnerable at times, and I don’t like feeling like that at all, so that’s why I do this, for self empowerment, let me do the same for you too!

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