So, How’s Your Diet?

Nov 21, 2008


I'm doing my workout with my trainer, Tom , standing nearby. He casually yet pointedly asks me "So, how's your diet?" I'll give him credit, he keeps me focused on eating well and that's a good thing. Even with my own education and clinical experience, I still need to be reminded sometimes to keep eating well. Not just for the benefits in terms of decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass, but also to keep my body functioning well day to day. I know that when I eat well and regularly take supplements like a multi-vitamin and healthy fatty acids, I have better energy, I sleep really well, and overall I just feel better.

So I said to Tom, "My diet's pretty good."

 "So, you mean, no cheating?"

 "Well, I do like to eat things that aren't on the meal plan from time to time, but not too often."

"When was the last time you had McDonald's?"

Tom doesn't know me very well yet! If there's one thing I won't go near, it's McDonald's. I think most of you would agree – not your best choice. I know some of you might still really crave those fries or a Big Mac at times. For those people, I would suggest watching the movie "SuperSize Me". Old news, I know. Most of you have seen it. And if the scene with the guy throwing up the food out his car window didn't do it for you, maybe reading the book "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser will. You will read about how the fast food industry has contributed to today's obesity epidemic and much, much more. There's also a great movie based on the book – click here to see the trailer. I can only hope it will flip that McCraving switch for the rest of our community!

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