Organic – The New Regime

Aug 28, 2009


I’d like to share with you an excerpt from a “SavvyMom.ca” Newsletter that someone recently forwarded to me.

Canada Organic Standards

There is nothing worse than a bad knock off. Remember that Praba purse that lost its buckle on the second day? Or those “designer” sunglasses you couldn’t actually see through? Sometimes the real deal just can’t be replaced and the old mantra ‘you get what you pay for’ makes sense. The same principle applies to groceries, and particularly if you are the type who buys organic. If you want to be sure you are getting what you paid for, you might want to understand what’s behind the brand new Canada Organic logo.

Introduced on June 30, the Canadian Organic Standards (overseen by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency) is setting high standards for Canadian food products making the organic claim. The new logo will only be permitted on products that have an organic content that is greater than 95% and has been certified according to Canadian requirements for organic products.

Any product with less than 95% organic content will not be able to sport this snazzy new logo and will have to specify what percentage of organic content is in the product. Anything with less than 70% organic content will only be able to mention its organic content in the ingredient listing on the package.
Use of both the Canada Organic logo and the word ‘organic’ on products will now be monitored by the government in accordance with these new standards. So even if you don’t see the logo (using the new label is voluntary) but you see the word ‘organic’, you’ll know you are getting at least 95% organic.

Good to Know: Only food products that are made in Canada and sold nationally fall under these standards. Items from other countries that use the word ‘organic’ are not covered by the Canadian regulations. It is worth noting that the US has the same standards as Canada.

Consider it another weapon in your arsenal of good grocery shopping tools. Whether you are looking to buy organics or not, at least you will know what the new label means.

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