It’s All In Your Head!

Oct 06, 2008

Has anyone ever said that to you? You may have been offended by hearing a comment like this, but really, it’s not that far from the truth! More accurately, we could say "It’s all in your neck".

Your brainstem is an extremely important part of your nervous system. It controls all functions vital for your very survival – heart rate, respiration, digestion, motivation, and many more. Your brainstem connects to the top of your spinal cord through a hole in the base of the skull called the Foramen Magnum. So, the upper part of your neck is a critical area. Most people are aware of this because we know what happens to someone if they injure their neck (in a car accident for example). If there is a sudden injury to the brainstem or spinal cord, it has a devastating effect on the rest of the body. Organs stop working, there is no control of voluntary functions like moving the arms or legs, and machines are often needed to keep the person alive. It’s as if a power switch has been turned off in the person’s brain.

Well, the same type of organ dysfunction and "loss of power" happens to many people in their life, it just happens more gradually and insidiously. Instead of a traumatic injury from a car accident, it could be related to chronic, sustained pressure on the brainstem and upper spinal cord from repeated falls and injuries, poor posture, or even prolonged periods of stress. If left undetected for long enough, this pressure can have an equally serious and devastating effect on overall health and function. The good news is that this type of pressure can often be reversed and corrected, allowing the "power" to be turned back on to the rest of the body.

We must know if our body and it’s controlling system are functioning properly. If you have poor posture or a history of stress and injury, you are at higher risk for spinal cord pressure. Take the steps today and have your upper neck examined to ensure your body will still be working for you in the years to come!   

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