How many of your calories come from FATS?

Nov 03, 2009


Fats are an important part of your diet. The old school diets often say you should be eating low fat but that is so wrong.

You need a minimum of 20% of your calories to come from healthy fats. I would recommend at least 30%, and even up to 40% for some people.

And your fats need be divided about equally from unsaturated, polysaturated and saturated fats. Yes I said saturated fats – they ARE in fact good for you and you need them. They are found in solid form – so butter, meat, coconut oil to name a couple sources.

It’s the evil TRANS FATS that you need to avoid. These are man made fats and are very unhealthy for you.

Here are some healthy fats;

Nuts (especially almonds and walnuts, preferably organic), extra virgin olive oil (not to be used for high heats), coconut oil, organic butter (non-organic butter is full of toxins), fish oil, GLA, organic free-range eggs (see earlier post about why eggs should be organic and free range), meats, fish, avocado, organic nut butters (non-organic nuts butters and full of pesticides). Of course there are more but if you are looking to add fats into your diet here is a good start.

Remember fats are much higher calorie so if you add fats into your diet make sure you know how much carbs and/or protein to take out to balance your calories. Or make changes and just watch what happens and adjust as needed if you don’t want to count calories.

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