Extreme Makover: Day 2

Feb 05, 2009

Nutritional decisions are an integral part of life, health, longevity, and the prevention of disease.

Fact: The Canadian people are more overweight than ever, childhood obesity has tripled, and nutritionally related diseases are at an all-time high.

Your digestive system is an intricate network of food-processing organs whose purpose is to break down and utilize the food you eat.  In all its complexity, your body knows exactly how to easily break it down, dispense the nutrients, and quickly eliminate toxins and by-products.

Natural foods (see your Food by God list) are packed with vitamins, minerals, water, fiber, and enzymes needed for digestion.  They can all be combined into hundreds, if not thousands, of recipes that will never make you miss anything or have cravings.  If for some reason the craving is just too big, that is why we have the “Vacation Rule”. Allow yourself a vacation meal once in a while, but plan it in advance, and you will find yourself feeling much better in the long run. You don’t have to think that you “caved because you craved”. Restriction or elimination is not the way to start a healthier lifestyle because the idea itself tends to create negative thought patterns.

Instead, start by adding one good thing.  (I.e. Add a banana to your donut and coffee in the morning, and a salad with your cola and fast-food burger for lunch.) This is the “Addition Rule”.

Action Step for Day 2: Start a diet diary.

1. Review the “Food by God” list.

2. Record at what time you eat.

3. Record what you are eating.

4. Record the amount (portion size).

5. Record the reason why you are eating (hungry, bored, social, etc.).

6. Record how you felt 1 hour after eating.  (tired, bloated, energized, etc.)

7. Try to notice if there is a time in the day when are more prone to stress,

feeling tired or experiencing pain/discomfort.


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