Extreme Makeover: Day 7

Feb 10, 2009

It is said that the values we instill in our children are the values found within ourselves.  This is very significant because when we take a look at the way we may live our lives, are we sure those are the values we want them to live by?


Just take a look at your current eating habits. You are never just eating for yourself. You are eating for your family, your kids, and anyone who is close to you and benefits from your presence.


What you put into your mouth on a daily basis will play a role in determining the amount of time you will spend on the planet.  We are supposed to live for 80 to 120 years.  Are your eating habits congruent with this potential?


It’s not easy… I know.  We are bombarded on a daily basis with what today’s society deems acceptable, and as if that weren’t enough, our own body tempts us with cravings or the addictions it is not willing to let go. Just remember, not only will eating better give you more energy, more strength, and increased mental awareness, but taking the time to consider what you are putting into your mouth will help you live a longer life which lets you do a lot more for the people you love.


Action Steps for today:


1.  Focus on who you are eating for on a daily basis.

2.  Implement steps to better eating (plan what you are going to eat each day, plan your meals for the whole week, grocery shop accordingly). If you do not plan, and you do not have the right foods when you need them, you will end up eating the wrong foods.

3.  Continue filling out your diet diary.

4.  Continue the addition rule.

5.  Don’t forget to exercise this week!

6.  Think about the first two instructions for peace.





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