Extreme Makeover: Day 6

Feb 09, 2009

If you are seeking better results in your life, you must have an active role in it.  For example, if financial security is what you are seeking, do not keep spending more than you make.  If better health is what you are seeking, do not keep smoking, do not keep eating processed foods, and do not take a lot of medication.  If better relationships are what you are seeking, do not analyze others before you become a better person.


Having faith is extremely important, but you must also do your part for those things to happen as well. If you do not get all the things you want, you have two alternatives: Be frustrated or be hopeful. In the end, your perceptions are in your hands, but by choosing to be hopeful, you are playing an active role by choosing to have faith that your situation will improve.


Action steps for today:


1. On day 1, we asked you to write down your goals.  Today, take some time to analyze those goals, and determine what you can do on your side to help yourself achieve those goals.


2. Continue filling out your diet diary.


3. Continue following the Addition Rule.


4. Exercise for at least 10 minutes (walk, run, bike, etc.) twice this week.


5. Think about the first two instructions for Peace Management.  (Thou shalt be appearance-less, Thou shalt be want-less.) 


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