Extreme Makeover: Day 5

Feb 08, 2009

Time management is a must if someone is seeking consistent and long-term change.  It is what helps us keep our resolutions past January 3rd, or should I say, it is what will turn our resolutions into commitments.


Many “fad diets” and exercise programs often turn out like New Year’s resolutions… they only last a couple of days!  This is due to the fact that they are too unnatural and very difficult to follow.  Doing something for only a couple of days is far from being a commitment.


Action Steps for today:


1.  Schedule a time for doing your grocery shopping for the upcoming week.  Make sure that on your   list, you have all the necessary “Foods by God” that you might need for cooking meals or whenever you might be hungry.

2.  Schedule which exercises you are going to perform this week, and at what time.

      Write them all in ink so that they can not be erased.

 3.  Continue filling out your diet diary.

 4.  Continue following the addition rule.


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