Extreme Makeover: Day 39

Mar 14, 2009

Your body and your life are gifts.


Heaven does not have a weight limit, a height limit, a dress requirement, or a cash requirement.  Nevertheless, that should not mean that you should not take care of yourself during this relatively brief time on earth.


For those of you who have kids, I can pretty much guarantee that they are the most precious things in your life.  You want them to feel their best all the time, live a long, healthy, full life expectancy, and fulfill any dreams they might have.


It is said that: “The value we instil in our children are those found within ourselves.”


That is why the concepts you have learned over the last 39 days have been so important, not just for yourself, but for your kids who are looking to you for guidance.


Remember, we are seeking progress, not perfection.  If you have gotten even 1% better in any area of your life over the last 39 days, you’re a winner!


Action steps for today:


1. Review your journal over the last 39 days.

2. Review your physical fitness, stress levels, energy levels, family relationships, overall health.

3. Look at your goals from day 1… How far have your come?

4. Continue the great work!


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