Extreme Makeover: Day 26

Mar 01, 2009

In yesterday’s email, I mentioned that in order to reach your goals, it is important that you follow the different rules that we have talked about in order to lighten the burden of change.


Here is a quick overview of those rules.


The Addition Rule: Instead of eliminating the bad, just add the good. (i.e. add a banana to your coffee and donut breakfast)


The Replacement Rule: Most processed foods contain harmful ingredients.  With today’s modern health-food and grocery stores, it is easy to find a variety of substitutes that are all-natural.


The Vacation Rule: Everyone needs an occasional break!  Eat less-than-ideal foods once and a while, but do not quit the principles you have learned.  Eventually, you won’t even need the vacations.


The Multiple Feedings Rule: Eat at multiple times during the day.  This will not only speed up your metabolism and decrease the strain on your digestive system, but by consuming regular, healthy meals at appropriate times of the day, it will help you avoid feeling starved which lead us to consume anything to satisfy the hunger pangs.


The Stay Full rule: Eat enough Foods by God at the right times throughout the day to keep from getting hungry. Then you won’t find yourself reaching for the quickest (and usually unhealthiest) choice available.


Action step for today:

 1.   Write down the nutrition rules in your journal.  Review them on a weekly basis.  They will not only help you eat better today, but also for the rest of your life.



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