Extreme Makeover: Day 25

Feb 28, 2009

Most “fad” diets tend to fail miserably because their standard method of nutritional change is to take someone’s existing diet, throw it in the trash, and hand them a completely new way of eating.


These diets never last more than a couple weeks because the change was too drastic and too restricted.  Change is not easy, especially when it comes to nutrition. 


We only have 15 days left in the 40 Day Challenge, but it is not the end.  Everything you have learned will help you eat better over time.  In order to reach our goals, it is important that you follow the different rules that we have talked about in order to lighten the burden of change.


– The addition rule

– The food guide

– The replacement rule

– The vacation rule

– The stay full rule

– The multiple feedings rule


In time, you will discover the health and body you seek.


Action steps for today:


1. Continue phasing out processed foods for more natural foods.

2. Eat multiple times per day to stop from getting hungry. (follow the food guide)

3. Continue the addition rule.


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