Extreme Makeover: Day 24

Feb 27, 2009

Inspiration versus Motivation


“Great people are more than motivated short-term by some material gain.  Rather than being motivated, those that succeed consistently are inspired.  Motivation itself is often weak and temporary.  It comes only from some short-term desire to win a prize or look or feel differently than you presently do.  Inspiration, however, comes from the burning passion to serve a higher power.  It’s how the drug addict can just say “no”, the Olympian can go the extra mile, and it’s what keeps families and companies happy and together long-term.  While many succeed through giftedness or luck, the greatest are those that succeed because they were inspired.”

(Dr. Ben Lerner, Chiropractor)


Action steps for today:


1. Think about how motivation only produced short-term results for you in the past.


2. Now become inspired!  Realize that you are currently developing all the necessary skills you need in order to better manage your health, your time, and your stress.

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