Extreme Makeover: Day 22

Feb 25, 2009

A couple of days ago, I had you picture what happens to your arm muscles in the event that you broke your arm and it is put in a cast.  Six weeks later, once they remove the cast, the muscles have become weaker and have diminished in size.


Just like your heart and lungs, when you put your muscles under resistance, they will become stronger and more developed.  Furthermore, as lean muscle increases, fat levels will decrease.


The best way to put resistance against muscles is by properly following a weight-lifting program. 


When it comes to weight-lifting, there is a unique difference between men and women.  Men have a tendency to carry extra weight in their upper bodies, while women tend to carry extra weight in their lower bodies. 


Therefore, as a general rule, men should do two upper body workouts for every lower body workout, and women should do two lower body workouts for every upper body workout.


Action step for today:


 1.  Switch one of your aerobic workouts for a resistance workout.  Start slowly. (2 lower body exercises and 1 upper body exercise for women, and 2 upper body exercises and 1 lower body exercise for men)



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