Extreme Makeover: Day 21

Feb 24, 2009

On Day 12, I wrote about defining your different “lives”.  For example, I have about 7 “lives”: spiritual, doctor, health, family, friendship, hygiene, and nap.


All these “lives” are worthy of being done with excellence.  By properly compartmentalizing them, it makes my life a lot more enjoyable and easier to manage.


In order to do this, we must draw solid yellow lines around these “lives”.  Think about when you are driving your car; when there is a solid yellow line, you are not allowed to cross over.  The same rule applies to your “lives”.  Others can not cross over and neither can you.  Obviously, this does not always work perfectly… emergencies come up, meetings go longer than they should, etc.  The key is not to get stressed.  Just remember the admonition “That’s life”.  Just practice flexibility and try to get everyone back in their lane as soon as possible.


Action steps for today:


1. If you did not define your different “lives” on Day 12, please do so today.

2. Make sure you do not forget to include a spiritual triathlon and exercise (health) when planning your “lives”.

3. Use the generalized time chart to select times for each “life” and to help paint solid yellow lines.



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