Extreme Makeover: Day 20

Feb 23, 2009

Here are two more instructions to help us find peace in our life.


#5 Thou shalt be “Pride-less”.

When you take a look at what goes on around you on a daily basis (i.e. change in seasons, the sun rising and setting every day, etc.), we are quite small in comparison.  Sometimes we need to take a few moments, step back, and look at what goes on around us.  If we are only focusing on ourselves, our short-sightedness will undoubtedly lead us to be unaware of how our thoughts and actions will impact others. 


As humans, we have a tendency to think that we are so brilliant and that all we need is ourselves to run the show.  Unfortunately, this can lead to stress because we depend only on our own abilities.  By becoming pride-less, it opens our eyes to the possibility that what we think is the right way of doing something might actually be totally wrong. 


#6 Thou shalt be “Time-less”.

Technology has made it so that I can have something to eat in under 2 minutes, send mail in seconds instead of days, and travel half way around the world in hours instead of months.  All of these advancements are supposed to free up time, but why does it still seem like we are always running out of time?  What does this lead to? More stress, because we always feel hurried. Peace can only be achieved when you realize that life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  Our time on earth is brief, but we must learn to relax, not rush.  Life is definitely not long enough to stress about getting to the movies in time for all the previews, or getting somewhere 5 minutes sooner than if you had actually driven the speed limit.


Action Step for today:


Try to slow down, and just enjoy the ride.

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