Extreme Makeover: Day 15

Feb 18, 2009

On a daily basis, people are born with gifts, but if they do not learn to develop those gifts, they will go to waste.


On that note, each of us in our own unique way possesses gifts and talents.  They may not be the physical attributes of an Olympian, but these gifts help us fulfill our purpose as well as enriching the lives of others.


Unfortunately, if you do not eat right, exercise, and live with more peace, you will never fully develop to your full potential, and if you are an athlete, you will never represent your country at the Olympics.


Action steps for today:


1. In order to discovering what your mission or calling in life is, write down what your gifts and talents are.

2. Continue the Addition Rule.

3. Continue the Replacement Rule.

4. Continue to exercise in the FUR zone.

5. Re-read the first four instructions for peace.

6. Continue with your morning time.


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