Extreme Makeover: Day 11

Feb 14, 2009

Here are the next two instructions in order to create more peace in our lives.


#3. Thou shalt be “Acceptance-less”.


These days, it seems that if your beliefs, your actions, your personality, etc., are congruent with what the people around you believe in, then you will be accepted.  On the other hand, change any of these things and you’ll probably notice that you are not as accepted as you used to be.


Acceptance is biased and often holds no real value.  Here’s the perfect example: Athlete vs. Physics genius.  In High school, the athlete will be accepted, but it will only last until his final game.  On the other hand, the physics genius will not be accepted until he’s got his graduate degree and helps put a man on Mars.


“Just because something is popular doesn’t make it right, and just because something is not popular doesn’t make it wrong.” (Dr. Ben Lerner)


Seeking acceptance from others will never create peace because everyone’s views are limited in some way.  Therefore, don’t do what other people think you should do.  Do what you think you should do.  You might notice that others may not always like you, but at least you will like you.


#4. Thou shalt be “Result-less”.


If you were a baseball player and your average was .333, that would mean that you would only get a hit once for every three at bats.  It would also mean that you would be an all-star!  If you were to fail as often as you were to succeed (one hit for every two at bats), chances are that they would probably re-name the Ottawa airport to include your name.


If a baseball player would only enjoy playing when he would get a hit, his life would be miserable.  Fact: In life, you are going to strike out once and a while, maybe more often than you want to.  But, focusing on results, or should I say winning, will never lead to peace.


Detach yourself from results.  Just be happy that you are even in the game.  It’s far better to have a record of 1 and 3, than be 0 and 0.  At least you got in the game!


Action steps for today:


1. Think about the 3rd and 4th instructions for peace.  Think about how you

can implement these in your daily life.

2. Eat at multiple times during the day.

3. Continue the addition rule.

4. For your aerobic workouts, do a 5-5-5, or a 5-15-5 for quicker results.

5. Plan and prepare your meals in advance.

6. Did you implement some morning time?

7. Remember who you are eating for.

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