Clear Your Mind: Do A Mental Dump!

Sep 22, 2008

Researchers are saying that the average person usually has 30 to 100 outstanding commitments or "open loops" in their life. Have you committed to things but not yet followed through? Do you have a mental to-do list that is keeping you awake at night? These unfinished items or incomplete tasks are taking up psychic energy and could be preventing you from reaching your goals and having peace in your life.

To clear your mind, you need to write out all of your current ongoing or unfinished commitments – all of your "open loops" – in the following categories:

  1. Office
  2. Home
  3. Financial
  4. Church
  5. Fitness/Sports Teams
  6. Spouse
  7. Kids
  8. Volunteer Duties
  9. Other Properties
  10. Friends
  11. Partners
  12. Business Ventures
  13. Renovations
  14. Recreational Projects

Once you have completed your mental dump, pick the top 10 items that can easily be taken care of right away. Enter these items into your daily agenda or calendar so you have a firm date and time for completion. Also, pick a project for next week that, if completed, would eliminate a tremendous amount of mental energy. Choose other items that can be delegated to other people. Finally, set up a system where you can easily access the information about your commitments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you follow these tips, you will begin to clear your mind, stop wasting valuable mental energy, and experience a great sense of freedom in your life.


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