5 Ways To Stop Yourself From Over Eating

Jun 25, 2009


Pre-water it

Try drinking 2 large glasses of water before you eat, this will help fill you up with good healthy water to reduce the feeling of starvation you get before supper.

Slow down your speed

It takes the brain about 10 minutes to realise that the stomach is full, so slow it down. Eating fast is not good for the digestion system and makes you over eat. Try to make a conscious effort of chewing your food a lot, taking breaks while you socialise and try to avoid working or watching TV at the same time as eating.

Fibre first

Fibre helps you feel full so why not take those 2 big glasses of water with a little bit of fibre before you eat a meal. The added bonus is most people don’t get enough fibre in their diet in the first place. If you’re not that “hard core” try to eat your salad first, take a little break and then eat the rest of your food.   

Sugars again

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The more sugar you have in your diet the more cravings you will get. Try to reduce those sugars so you’re not tempted to eat desert after you just ate your food.

Set rules

All of these 4 appetite suppressing techniques will not work if you just don’t care. Your goal needs to be more important than the short term satisfaction of the taste of food. Setting yourself rules always helps. Your rules could be “no deserts” or “only one cheat a week” or “no drinking on weekdays”.

A word about mindset: My mother in law cooks great deserts and always tells us that she doesn’t like the taste of deserts and even chocolate, whether or not that’s true or it’s just her way to psych herself out of them, kudos to her for sticking to her rules. Whatever rules may be, make sure that you stick by them no matter what situation you’re in.

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