5 reasons you’re not losing weight

May 07, 2009


1. Metabolism: Some people do have slower metabolisms but 70% of the time it's self induced. You see fat is burned in the muscle cell so the more muscle the faster the metabolism. You want to make it a goal to build or hold on to as much muscle as you can by avoiding long distance cardiovascular work (without excellent nutrition and extremely high amounts of calories) and to eat a diet higher in protein and lift weights on a regular basis.

2. Portions: I see this very often and I would say it's my biggest weakness also. You eat all the right foods and keep your insulin low but you just consume too many calories per meal adding up in a day to be over your calorie maintenance level . Watch out for those cooking oils and sauces, they add up fast.

3. Protein: Remember protein increases thermogenesis, a fancy word for "heat" in the body helping you burn fat. Ever get very hot after eating a large turkey dinner? That's thermogenesis. It also takes more effort for the body to breakdown meat then other carbohydrates or fat which makes your metabolism increase.

4. Cardio: I find this applies more to the people that simply need to lose the last 10lbs. When I was competing in bodybuilding and wanting to lose those last 2 percent of body fat nothing worked better then cycling my cardio from anywhere 10 minutes to 45minutes 5 days a week.

5. Decreased Activity: In the winter, you tend to put on weight because you do less physically. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit more moving around. Start an outdoor project where it will force you to work a little bit harder and enjoy the summer at the same time.

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