4 Diet Tricks To Avoid Alcohol Peer Pressure

May 29, 2009

photo by victoriapeckham

BBQ's, parties and weekend outings all involve some friend trying to persuade you to have a drink. But you're on a diet and you have a goal to achieve. What do you do? Here are a few tricks that a few of our clients shared with us.

1. Fake your drink and shut them up:This trick works very well for drinks like Caesars where you ad a celery and salt around the rim or even better order a Perrier water and tell them it's a vodka soda. Fooled you! This one is great because they don't even ask questions.

2. Be completely upfront you may inspire a few:People are typically scared to be the boring person at the party and that's why they feel the pressure. Tell everyone that you have a goal to achieve and that this will throw you off track. The reality is people don't care that much as long as you show that your having fun and socializing. The bad part about this one is you have to keep repeating yourself when the person is telling you that you look great and that you don't need to diet.

3. Plan ahead and let loose: When planning a diet, it's always a good idea to plan the days ahead of time that you know will be next to impossible to not cheat. When it comes to the average client I don't like when they drink more then once a week because it stalls weight loss. Others that are taking it more serious like athletes should avoid it completely. So if you have an outing choose your day orif your birthday is coming up write it in your calender.

4. Fake a sickness for understanding: This is my favorite white lie. I once told my friends I had an ulcer and that I absolutely could not drink. What are they going to say? What kind of friend wants to see you in pain? Come to think about it I never told them it wasn't true. Well now that I wrote this they're going to know. Oops.

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