2 People, 2 Stories

Jun 01, 2010


I attended this award show last night where they honored children and youth accomplishments in all sorts of categories. Here are two people I couldn't help but repeat their story.

Samantha Clarke, 9 years old.

She talks about her grandpa who passed away from cancer. Since that time she raised $15 000 for cancer research by calling different businesses for donations and hosting silent auctions and garage sales. What I loved about her speech was that it was straight to the point.

Parts of her speech:

"my grandpa smoked"

"Businesses that create cigarettes are stupid, because all they care about is money and they could be doing something to help the world"

"If you smoke you should quit"

Abby Ambrose, 17 years old.

In Nigeria his parents were murdered where he was left alone. A friend of the family gave him money to buy a flight to Canada. Without knowing any English he flew by himself and landed in Ottawa with nothing, and not knowing anyone. He was told in Nigeria that when he gets to Canada people are friendly and they will help him. And they did. His speech was a thank you to his teachers and to the people along the way that had helped him get to where he is today; An artist and an accomplished dancer.

Parts of his speech:

"It's not my day today, stand up when I name you, show yourself because today it's about the people that helped me with nothing in return. Simply because they're great people." 

Note: The reality is sometime our situation seem much worse than what it really is. We live in a great country with great people and endless opportunities to do what we love and make a difference. If a little girl at 9 years old can make such a positive difference in the world, we can too.


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