10 ways to lose the last 10 pounds

Dec 04, 2008


Another look at calories
I’ve noticed that the closer people get to their goal the more they stop calculating their calories. The worst part is that this is when it really matters most. When someone has a lot of weight to lose, a simple change in eating the right foods makes the scale numbers drop but not for those of you with the last 10lbs to lose. It’s time to recalculate.

Add cardio
Cardiovascular work helps get that last 10lbs to go. But mostly if you haven’t been doing much cardio before getting to the last ten.  Your body adapts to it, so change it up or even stop for a while. Use short duration, high intensity bouts. Even throw in some intervals in there with 30 seconds hard and 30 seconds easy.

No small cheats
A lot of people get to a point where they mentally feel as though they are fit enough once they reach that last 10lbs mark. They tend to start adding little cheats in here and they're not noticing a difference in their weight until one day it starts going up again or they just can’t seem to drop the bad habits. To lose that last 10lbs you need to be even more strict with yourself then if you had to lose 50lbs.

Add an extra workout
Some time all is needed is to add an extra workout day. Maybe you’re doing 3 workout sessions a week and you could bump it up to 4. That would be an extra day where you metabolism is raised and are sure to see more progress.

Certain supplements can help for that last 10lbs like certain natural supplements that give you energy, the one I like to use is Carnitine. Actually, a great book called The Carnitine Miracle by Robert Crayhon talks about all the benefits of carnitine. 

Good sleep
Sleep is very important in getting lean because this is the time where you get the biggest boost of growth hormone. Growth hormone helps burn body fat and gain muscle and is absolutely needed for that last 10lbs

Mini workouts
You can try adding mini bodyweight workouts throughout the day;  like push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks. This will get you burning up extra calories. This can also get adrenaline pumping so you can refocus on your work.

Relax and recover
The body is one sophisticated machine that regulates itself. When you don’t drink enough water, your body holds on to it. If you drink too much water your body removes it.  The same is true for fat and stress. If you are under too much stress, your body will hold on to fat and if you relax your body will reduce the fat.

Raise the bar and compete
Time to raise your standards. Time to stop being average and be exceptional. Set yourself a goal to compete, whether it’s a 5km run, the Free Form Fitness Games or a figure or bodybuilding competition. There’s nothing that boosts you in to a new level of training like deciding to compete.

Drink up
Water is involved in every process in the body and can be the reason your weight stalls. Here is how much to drink, even though in reality it doesn’t need to be that specific but at least it’s a guide; your lean bodyweight in lbs divided in half equals the amount of ounces per day you should have. So someone weighing 180lbs lean, would have 90oz of water a day. So 11 glasses of 8oz of water.

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