10 types of hydrotherapies

Jan 20, 2009


Recovery is always overlooked. The reason for this is that tracking the progress is not quite as concrete as lifting weights. The reality is that we should focus equal attention on recovery as we do on exercise; the Chinese have understood this concept for a long time calling it yin and yang.  One Russian coach once said “I don’t know how to get an athlete ready for the Olympics without massage therapy”. Like exercise, your body adapts to recovery methods and there are many tried and tested methods to take advantage of to improve your strength, increase muscle and increase your overall health.  I asked my wife a question the other day: “Do you think people would join a gym made for recovery, like a recovery lab, or a spa but more scientific, filled with specific procedures to relieve stress and for athletes that want to recover more quickly between workouts? She said no”
What do you think?

Here are 10 different hydrotherapies

Rain Shower
Water falling through a special screen like a garden sprinkler, 3-4 minutes

Needle shaped shower
Water hits the body in form of small jet sprays, 3-5 minutes

Circular shower
Water hits the body from all sides, warm showers last 3-5 minutes, cold 2-3 minutes

Stream shower
Water coming from a fan shaped stream hit’s the body from 3-3.5 meters high. The water should start at 32 C and with every procedure dropping in temperature up to 15-20 C. Every procedure should last 2-3 minutes  repeating 2-3 times

Scotch shower
This is a 2 stream shower where one is hot (37 C) for 30-40 sec  and one is cold (10-20 C) for 15-20 sec. This is repeated 4-6 times

Note: Baths  are great for regulating the nervous system and cardiovascular system, improving tissue metabolism  and lowering muscle inflammation. They also relieve fatigue and facilitate recovery from heavy workloads.  

Saline bath
This helps elevate the functional condition of the cerebral cortex, reduce excitability,  increase metabolism and improve cardiovascular system functioning. Use sea salt 15-30g/litre of water. Bath temperature should be 36-38 C. 10-15 minutes

Pine baths
Water plus aromatherapy which influences the central nervous system. Dissolve 60g powdered pine extract in 200l of water. Temperature 35-37 C for 10-15 minutes

Carbonated baths
Dilates skin capillaries and improve tissue metabolism. Good for over stress conditions and disturbance in the central nervous system. You need 500ml of carbon dioxide gas. Temperature 35 C. 10-15 minutes

Pearl bath
Is a bath with a special floor that has small openings that push out pressure at 1.5 atmosphere of compression causing the water to swirl. 10-15 minutes at
temperature 34-36 C

Vibration bath
Fresh mineral water combined with mechanical vibration created by a special device. This kind of bath improves blood circulation, stimulates tissue metabolism and helps relieve muscular fatigue. Temperature, 36-38 C for no more then 10 minutes.

There are many other forms of therapies  that I can get into on another time. But understand that therapies have been used in other countries as part of the training not as a supplement with training for a long time and must be done properly to be effective.

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