Why Free Form Fitness?


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Let us explain the difference!

We get asked all the time: why Free Form Fitness? Our vision was to create a fitness company that was so much more than just a gym that offered personal training.

Quality of life, and longevity, are very important to us and to our clients.

The fitness industry can often make you believe that you need to train like you are in the army to see results but we have proven, time and time again, that by working smarter, you can achieve the best results possible.

The Three Pillars

Our three pillars, exercise, nutrition and accountability, are time-tested and proven to help you achieve not only your health and fitness goals but to change your life forever!

Although exercise is a critical element of your overall success and wellbeing, it is only a short part of your day. What you do with the other 23.5 hours will make the difference between your success and failure to living a happier, healthier life.

The Free Form Fitness Difference

We are so passionate about being the best personal trainers possible that we founded our own school to raise the standard. Free Form Academy.

Through Free Form Academy, we train our personal trainers from top to bottom in our proven methods to ensure that you, the client, receive the highest level of personal training services, consistently, at any of our locations. Trainers from across the country and various backgrounds attend our academy to learn our unparalleled approach to achieving maximum health results.

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Let us show you just how different we are. We have a special, introductory offer, which will give you 8 sessions for just $96. It’ll change your life forever.

The Free Form Fitness Difference

Already part of the Free Form Fitness family? We would love to hear your feedback, success stories and reviews on any of our social media outlets. Your feedback will help motivate people just like you… before you started your journey to a better life!