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Free Form Fitness
We are not just a personal training gym. We are life coaches who are here to help you master your health and live a quality life, through nutritional education, habit conditioning and personal training. Your success is our passion. Our personal trainers and management team are one big fitness and health family dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. From the minute you step through our doors, you’ll see that Free Form Fitness was created with you in mind. We want to ensure you enjoy a comfortable gym environment, with dedicated personal trainers available at all times. Our goal is to provide you with an energizing and motivating experience, every time.
It’s difficult to change and break old habits. We’ve been through it too, but we have served Ottawa as training and coaching experts since 2006. There’s nothing we haven’t seen or heard. Our open, honest and non-judgemental approach to your overall health is second to none. As a family-owned and operated business, we have changed and evolved, to perfect our model and ensure our services are right for you.  Visit one of our four locations and see for yourself! Our personal training artists are waiting to help you change your life today.

Our Philosophy

Health is achieved through balancing the body and mind, lowering body fat and improving fitness.

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“I like having the accountability, I am one of those people who if I don’t have an appointment, I will find something else to do.” Melissa Krulick “Before I would hit the gym for 75 to 90 minutes at a time,” he said. “Now it’s a half-hour session with the trainer with another 12 minutes on the rowing machine. It’s amazing the results you can achieve with the right combination of diet and supervised training.” Leo Valiquette “We both feel astonishingly better and younger,” Graham and Jay.

A message from our President, Ashley Lawrie: “We focus on helping clients become healthy through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes, and accountability. Great personal trainers are like artists. We are free to form the shapes we desire, like a sculptor working on a piece. What matters most to us is our clients and their needs. We started attracting clients who had the same views we did; to get in shape and, more importantly, be extremely healthy. Our goal was to create raving fans by caring deeply about them personally, about their goals and of course, about their health and well-being.”

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